Saturday, November 29, 2008


Isn't it amazing, that one word, can conjure up so many images.
Being a sports person, I am one, usually doing the 'whipping' but at home, that isn't the case.

Today was Cyclo Cross day, many guys and girls out there got whipped by more than their fair share. Me, I was on the side lined, after all, I am side linded! It was a great day, with great weather, it always leaves me wanting more!

I'm sure, many of you married men out there agree. The other day, I was having coffee with a friend of mine, Big Bird, well, she's really tall, and she's a bird, so her name is apt. Anyway, she has a loud voice, and when she starts stating her opinions she gets louder and louder, and louder and louder.
One of her opinions this time, was that men, once married become wimps, on what proof, she can base this on, I have no idea, as she is single. She also stated that men are
immature, this I may agree and be the case, but one thing she doesn't know or understand, is that it is women's sole purpose in life, that once married, they must, under any and every circumstance, change the man. As in the same way, that some women let themselves go.

Take me for instance, I am more than grateful in which the way H has changed me, before I was married, I was consuming way to much alcohol, probably on the verged of it being a problem, now, I am not allowed to go out to drink. I am confided to home in the evenings.

Saying that, I love my wife more than anything in the world, and no, I wouldn't change a thing.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for BIG feet

During my days of incapacitation, one thing I have come to rely on, is friends with big feet. Actually, I mean, one particular friend, who has extra-large feet!

So why the special thanks, and airing him across the Web?

Well it's all down to this;

As you can see,
it's broken into a few fragments.... ah...hence the pain (check out the swelling).
The Doc though, wasn't interested at all in putting a plaster on, according to him, it would just mean that I would walk around on it, and probably go cycling....

Hang on, how on earth did this guy know me? We've only just met (
PSB again)

So with a very important work meeting coming up, and a customer of mine arriving from the UK the following day, I needed an option, and a quick one at that.
The Doc, very kindly put a back slab on it, that's just a very simple cast going down the back of the calf, and under the foot. It provides the very basic support.

The next thing, was that I needed to walk, so for this, I doctored a Croc, basically I cut a slit down the front, and tied a lace to it;

The problem with this, was that it keep slipping off the back, and to be honest the colour as well, it didn't quite match with my suit.

So after a couple of beers and Pizza in my favourite pizza place in the Jing, I came upon the idea of my mate Roger. Roger is tall, like 1.95m tall, which is very tall (compared to me anyway) and he has huge feet to go with it, not unlike a couple of friends of mine here and there, who share the same size as me. So on the promise of a beer or two, I asked him if I could borrow one of his Crocs, and guess what?

Apart from the Elephantitus type foot thing, doesn't look to bad, does it?

Once again, Cheers Roger

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First Impressions

I remember when I was in sales, I was taught that the 'first six' are the most important values.
These sixes are what people remember the most.
These included, the first 6 inches of from the top of your head down, the first 6 words that come out of your mouth, your first 6 steps when you walk into a room etc.

Being a foreignor living here in Beijing, it's easy to think, (and feel) that the local townfolk look down on you, or talk behind your back.
Yesterday, one of my worst fears was realised.
I've always thought that I looked respectable (well, respectable as you can go, for someone who either wears shorts or jeans all the time) and being a foreignor, I always try and keep myself to myself.
So yesterday, whilst in the life going downstairs, my neighbour from below, wheeled into the lift (he's in a wheelchair)
"Morning" I said (in English, as I know he can speak a little)
"Morning" he replied, his helper gave me a big smile
As we get outside, he motion an elongating jesture with his hands, followed by a twisting motion. Now normally I play dumb (not hard for me) and just shrugg my shoulders and walk away, but this is an elderly gentleman, and always tries and speaks English to me.
So I start, rattling away in Chinese, which I'm not to sure is great relief to them, or a huge shock.
The problem is, is that they have a suitcase, which is locked, could I come round tomorrow and have a look.
"Sure, no problem, see you tomorrow"
Errrrr no problem, since when I have I become an expert at picking locks? When have I ever picked a lock? Even more troubling, do I look like the type of person that can pick locks? I can see the coversation now,
"Dam, can't open this suitcase"
"I know, ask that foreignor guy, he looks kind of shifty, I'm sure he can do it!"

And guess what, I did, within 5 minutes. I was really embarressed by my new found skill, explain that one then to the PSB!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a Sunday!

Oh... today is a Sunday, I remember when I was a child, that Sundays always involved going to my Nan Gs' for lunch. My Nan was from Singapore, and I have to say, when she was in her youth, she was very beautiful (she was always beautiful to me) anyway, this may have something to do with me ending up marrying an Asian lass.
Anyway, she was quite strict, children weren't allowed to eat at the same table of adults, and when after dinner games were being played (cards, Mahjiang etc) then is was a strict no no for children to be in the same room.
Not bad ethics really.
Now, I am older, at the moment, my Sunday are normally filled with Cycle-Cross races. I've only managed to do one this season, which is really annoying as I was soooo looking forward to it.
So this afternoon, I am going to support my friends, give them an encouraging shout. Probably along the lines of;
"Stop sleeping and start racing"
Or "My Mum could do this faster than you..... and on crutches"
You know the sort of thing I'm on about.

For those of you who may know me, I am somewhat competitive, and you can't get more competitive, than a competitive person talking.
Along the way, a competitive person knows how to make the opposition (yes, even friends) feel inadequate.
Take the Haka for instance, the most famous form of intimidation there is.

So in my normal way (unfortunatly) as H (my wife) was getting ready to go cycling, I said my usual words of encouragements. Now, she isn't going. I feel like crap, and do really think, I should have place here.


Friday, November 21, 2008


Before I start, I have to say that I am hopeless at keeping Blogs. Like inept at keeping blogs. I start these things, then I stop for a while, then start again.. you get the idea.
So big round of applause to you, if you stick with me.
So, I live here in Beijing, been in China for 6 years now, and the last few here in Beijing, and whats my story? Unless you are an expat sentanced here to work, most people wouldn't choose to come here as a first choice. I did. On the back of a 10p coin, the other side was Peru.
I came here, started teaching here, then moved on. Now I do all sorts, you'll find that this blog is mainly centred around cycling, in all it's forms that I do, my work, which is frustrating as it is absent, and my life in general here in the Northern Jing (Jing means capital in Chinese). I may also choose to do some product testing, these are things that I just end up stumbling upon, and using. I'll let you know my thoughts, comments welcome if you want.
I'm married to the most perfect young lady, she is actually from Wuhan, not Beijing. She is wonderful in every, and has a smile that would make the Devil himself, stop in his footsteps.
In Beijing, I am often found in one of two places.
Excuse Café, which is situated between the Drum and Bell Towers, here I quietly sup coffee, sometimes just for relaxing, but often mainly before I go onto my second favourite place, in which I find solstice in, and that is in the Mountians behind the Fragrant Hill temple.
This is my playground, this is where you will find me a couple of times per week, injuries withstanding. Not that I get a lot, just that at the moment, I have a broken post on it's way