Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for BIG feet

During my days of incapacitation, one thing I have come to rely on, is friends with big feet. Actually, I mean, one particular friend, who has extra-large feet!

So why the special thanks, and airing him across the Web?

Well it's all down to this;

As you can see,
it's broken into a few fragments.... ah...hence the pain (check out the swelling).
The Doc though, wasn't interested at all in putting a plaster on, according to him, it would just mean that I would walk around on it, and probably go cycling....

Hang on, how on earth did this guy know me? We've only just met (
PSB again)

So with a very important work meeting coming up, and a customer of mine arriving from the UK the following day, I needed an option, and a quick one at that.
The Doc, very kindly put a back slab on it, that's just a very simple cast going down the back of the calf, and under the foot. It provides the very basic support.

The next thing, was that I needed to walk, so for this, I doctored a Croc, basically I cut a slit down the front, and tied a lace to it;

The problem with this, was that it keep slipping off the back, and to be honest the colour as well, it didn't quite match with my suit.

So after a couple of beers and Pizza in my favourite pizza place in the Jing, I came upon the idea of my mate Roger. Roger is tall, like 1.95m tall, which is very tall (compared to me anyway) and he has huge feet to go with it, not unlike a couple of friends of mine here and there, who share the same size as me. So on the promise of a beer or two, I asked him if I could borrow one of his Crocs, and guess what?

Apart from the Elephantitus type foot thing, doesn't look to bad, does it?

Once again, Cheers Roger

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