Friday, January 8, 2010

didn't last

Well, as to be expected. My daily photo shoot didn't last long.
Either that I'm very busy, or my daily life is boring.

Actually it's not boring, there just isn't anything interesting to see on my journey to work. I suppose when the weather gets better, and I can start riding again, then it'll be far more interesting.

Talking of interesting, I do have the British Cycling team coming here soon, although only a small team of 5 members, still, it means that I can hang around the velodrome and look oh so important for a while. And for that, I'm sure to have some good pics to share.

Friday, January 1, 2010

And it starts again

And so the New Year dawns, and we start it all over again. Hopefully this time, will be bigger and better than the last one (how a Year can be bigger, I don't know).

I shall again, try and maintain my blog, but you know, me keeping this going is like the majority of the people starting the Gym this time of year, it could quite possibly fade out.

I've also set myself another daunting task, I am going to try and keep a daily photo diary.

Not only is this an extremely difficult task for me to do (carrying a camera with me every day) but hopefully it will help me look at mundane, daily things in a new light.

So, leaving you to get on with your hangovers, the start of your resolutions (why do some people need the start of a new year, to make a new start. If you want to start/stop something, then just do it!) I'll bid farewell, and speak to you soon (hahaha)