Friday, November 21, 2008


Before I start, I have to say that I am hopeless at keeping Blogs. Like inept at keeping blogs. I start these things, then I stop for a while, then start again.. you get the idea.
So big round of applause to you, if you stick with me.
So, I live here in Beijing, been in China for 6 years now, and the last few here in Beijing, and whats my story? Unless you are an expat sentanced here to work, most people wouldn't choose to come here as a first choice. I did. On the back of a 10p coin, the other side was Peru.
I came here, started teaching here, then moved on. Now I do all sorts, you'll find that this blog is mainly centred around cycling, in all it's forms that I do, my work, which is frustrating as it is absent, and my life in general here in the Northern Jing (Jing means capital in Chinese). I may also choose to do some product testing, these are things that I just end up stumbling upon, and using. I'll let you know my thoughts, comments welcome if you want.
I'm married to the most perfect young lady, she is actually from Wuhan, not Beijing. She is wonderful in every, and has a smile that would make the Devil himself, stop in his footsteps.
In Beijing, I am often found in one of two places.
Excuse Café, which is situated between the Drum and Bell Towers, here I quietly sup coffee, sometimes just for relaxing, but often mainly before I go onto my second favourite place, in which I find solstice in, and that is in the Mountians behind the Fragrant Hill temple.
This is my playground, this is where you will find me a couple of times per week, injuries withstanding. Not that I get a lot, just that at the moment, I have a broken post on it's way

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