Sunday, February 15, 2009

I am impressed

with myself!  Yesterday I rode just short of 100km.  Although half of this was on the road, the other half, was quite tough, and included over 1300m of climbing.
Where I live the routes are 90% stoney, so yesterdays ride was also demanding on the shoulders, and in fact gives a full body workout. 
Yesterday I rode the climbs hard, and the descents smooth, but what impressed me more than anything was my techinical descending, I am far more in control of the bike now, and actually, the bikes can ride the terrain easily, it's just all in my head.  Yesterday I did nice drops, technical and steep (very steep) descents, and to cap it all, about 15m of steep steps at the end.  
Yesterday was a good day.  Hope you had one too

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