Friday, February 13, 2009


When Sean S Cunningham directed Friday the 13th, he must of had a vision of today.  For me, today has been a good day, for some, it's a bad day.  
I believe that it is what you make it to be, and if you go around looking for bad things, then you will surely find them.  Today, I did a good ride with my good friend Roger,  couple of hours, I was on my Single Speed, and Roger was on his Fixed.  
It was his first time to do a long ride on a fixed bike, and to be honest, his first 'long' ride for quite some time.  
I picked up a couple of Jones Dry X as well, as the my walls on my MTB were almost transparent in places. 
So before I get onto my only 'horror' part of the day, I first needed to meet the good lady from the Subway.  
Everyday, without fail, I meet her, so that we can walk home together. It has only been that when I am away on business that I fail to attend this most important job of being a husband to a Chinese lady.  
Now I thought today was Friday 13th, not 14th, 13th, but as I walked the short 10 mins to the Subway stop, I counted no less than 16 people selling flowers at Country Economic saving prices, it was not as much as bees around honey, but more like flies around pooh. 
As much as I hate rain, I despise Valentines Day, why on earth, would a descent man, have to wait till one day a year to tell his loved one, how much they love them?   
I tell my wife frequently, I try to be the best husband there is, and I do lots of little things ALL the time, like meet her from the station and walk home with her.  
I do not have to wait for one day.  Last year though I made a mistake.  I bought a present.  It surprised my wife no end, but that one fateful day has set a precedent, and today, I was hit with emotional blackmail.
"How much do you love me?"
"You know I would do anything for you" (under breath except be gay, as then I couldn't have you, and.......... please don't say it, please don't say it)
"Well how about tomorrow, we both go cycling together, up Miao Feng Shan?"
" (silence, but at least it has cycling in it, continued silence)"
"You can do it on your Single Speed"


Now normally on Saturdays I go MTBing, and tomorrow, Coach had planned me to do a short 3 hour hard hilly session, but tomorrow IS Valentines Day, and I do love my wife so much.
So I want to say a BIG personal thanks to Valentine of Terni, and wish I could walk up to him in person as say "Sean, can you pass me the Chainsaw please."

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