Thursday, February 12, 2009

a day of change

I've been busy of late, not because I have a hectic and great training schedule to keep to, but I have also started working for a Sports Event Management Co.  
My role is to find sponsorship so that we can improve revenues for the company, and also, as a participant of some the sports which the Co. organises, to raise the level of the events so that competitors have the want to go back for more.
Since things are very quite with my own business, I have to, out of need, look for other oportunities.
On top of all this, I need to pay more attention to my good lady, she is very busy with work, and I have to say, is more than an Angel.  Especially during these times.
So today, I have another Job interview, with a Chinese Electronic manufacture.  I feel things are on the up, I am becoming more and more busier, which is something I like very much.
Something I don't like though, is rain, after being born, and living in England for some twenty-something years, I don't like the rain.  In fact, I hate the rain. Guess what, it is raining.
Now I know that Beijing is officially in a drought, but today it is raining.  Not a lot of rain, that anoying rain, which doesn't quite warrant an umbrella, but yet, will get your hair wet, if you don't use one.
The real problem with rain in Beijing, is that if you are cyclist, is the amount of black crap that comes up from the ground.  Beijing is a very dry, dusty city, so when it rains, all the polution in the air, is washed down and mixed up with the sand and dust on the ground.
I'll leave you to think about the disgusting mess it trudges up.
Leaving on a good note, it's only for one day, and hopefully tomorrow will be bright and pleasant.  Great for a 1 1/2 hour ride.

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