Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Get Your Chimp Out!

Yesterday I was feeling a little down, so I needed to P myself up
This morning, the cat, was driving me mad with his constant wailing, I know he does this before he finds somewhere comfortable to sleep (normally in the morning it's the sofa.... but I'm on that at the moment)  I just then thought, come on, get your chimp out!
When I was in a holding camp, prior to the Olympics, during dinner one night, the guys started talking about their chimps.
BC have a psychiatrist, they also proabably have  psychologists, but the guy I am talking about, is a psychiatrist, and everyone at BC talk to him.
The chimp according to Steve Peters (who is not only a very accomplised runner) says there are two aspects of your brain that work independently of each other. One is quite emotional and irrational; the other is logical, capable of making good judgments. He calls the emotional part ‘the chimp’.
One day, during the Holding Camp, I asked John the Mechanic how he got into being the BC Mechanic?  He used to race in Ireland (he's Irish) got involved in an accident, then ended up being a mechanic for the Irish Ladies Team.  It just snowballed from there. Do you still ride?
At a later chat at dinner, the Chimp conversation arose, John thinks (although he didn't say) that he's to big to be a rider.  So he doesn't ride.
Johns Chimp, is (what HE thinks)is his weight, that Chimp, the controlling emotional side of him is stopping him from riding.  He needs to set that Chimp free, and get back out on the bike.
My cat this morning, just needed to let his Chimp out and go and find somewhere else to sleep (which he has done)
Yesterday my emotions were running amock, I need to work on my Chimp too, do you?


  1. My Chimp is more of a Gorilla - and a very angry hyperactive one at that!

  2. well, as long as you can control your Gorilla, and make it work for you... thats okay :D