Monday, February 2, 2009

The P Factor

Things aren't going well for me at the moment, regarding work wise.  It has been too quite for too long now, and so therefore I think I have to look at other options.
Instead of dwelling on this, I use the P factor.  This is obvious as it means the Positive factor.
So I'm going to point you in the directions of some goodness today!

First, Mr Fat Eldens blog, in which Team Fatty has now raised more than $106,000, $46,000 of which was raised during a recent raffle.  Nelsons wife is battling against Cancer, and his blog, which is read by thousands, serves as a great reminder to us all, that we can all pull together.

Next I came across this, and was really amazed by it.  Isn't it amazing that the most brilliant ideas in the world, are also often, the simplest.

The last thing, which is often the first thing I look at when feeling in the need of a lift, is my wedding photos.  I know now, that I am the happiest man alive

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