Friday, January 2, 2009

when a man becomes a woman

Today I went for a quick spin. The weather is nice, I actually wore a layer less than normal. I only rode for 50mins. Actually looking for a road with minimal stopping here in Beijing is very difficult. Traffic lights appear some every 100 meters or so. But I found a nice cycle path which will enable me to have a nice spin, (nice spin meaning a nice almost non-stop spin, not including the environment) the only problem is that it runs parallel to the 2nd ring road.

I live in a city with like 1 gazillion people, and which 1000 new cars are being added everyday, I'll let you do the maths.
Saying that, the roads where really quiet today, I managed to ride for 50mins, with only putting my foot down twice to stop at lights.
So like I said, it was a nice spin.

When I got home, I ask the good lady what she was reading on the net, she said "stuff" which I then take it as gossip. When I probed further, it did turn out to be gossip, and what stars are wearing (she was swotting up on the latest fashion trends)
She said that I would have no interest in what she is reading, I said it's not what she is reading that I have an interest in, but what she is interested in, is what I am interested in, if you know what I mean.

I then commented on that it must be hard for stars to go out, with paparazzi following them, they have to look good all the time, the good lady then pointed out, that all women have this problem, and men, do not.

I pause at this point. Think.

When I go out, do I really care what I wear. On the norm, no. But wait. There is a time I do care what I wear.

On the bike.

I try to co-ordinate what I wear with the bike, I don't like colours to clash, I don't want to go out smelling to bad, so washing the clothes now and again is important.

Now I'm not a Euro-Cyclist but still, one has to look okay.

So does that mean, that men can become women like?

I was out on the MTB one day, when a fellow rider said that when shopping for bikes, and bike related stuff, the women side of us came out, I don't suppose he is right, I know he is right. Show me a cyclist who doesn't like looking at bike related, bike porn stuff, and he's not a cyclist.

There is one difference though, sometimes you can see someone who looks good, has all the stuff, and that raises the challenge in us, there is nothing better than getting to the top of hill or just riding better than the next fellow, maybe women have this same feeling if they see someone better dressed then them. I've yet to meet a man brave enough to ask this question.

So, Sunday is fast approaching, and even though I try to look good, I have one friend coming out, and he'll just pound us to the ground, doing trickz and stuff I can only dream of, and he dresses like a goth when it comes to cycling clothes....

Oh well, having fun is more important isn't it? Now where did I put that leg balm......

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