Monday, January 5, 2009

mamoth task

Well since my last post was quite long and exhaustive (for me) it has taken me a couple of days to recover, an excuse for writers block, or should one say, writers blog, no, that doesn't work,  it would have to be bloggers block. Yes that is it... wow 5th Jan, and already maybe coming up with new words for 09!
Yesterday I went up the hills with my friends, apart from my chain snapping 3 times arrrrgghhh it was a lovely ride. The outside temp never raised above -1c the whole time, brrrrr but still it was very nice.  Along the track Happy Village Life (sounds like a song) I decided to push it, and push it I did.  Managed to hit a maximum heart rate of 195 going up, and really thought I was going to be sick when I got to the top.  I've never quite believed in the adage of 220- your age, ever since I did a race one year with a average heart rate of 223!
I must of pushed it somewhat though as it did take it out of me, and it's been a many a year when I have felt that tired after a riding session.  I think it is the start of things to come.  From this Sunday, my official training plan begins. I feel that it's going to be a monumental task, but with excellent results.  I do fear though, that it will rule my life, or that my life will revolve around it.
Saying that, I have a plan for this year, and if you deviate from the plan, a different outcome will prevail.

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