Thursday, January 8, 2009


I don't like making resolutions as these are easily broken (by some) but I do like to plan.
The best way to achieve something is to micro-plan, that is, to break some large plan or goal, into something more manageable, and doable.
e.g. If you are planning on running a Marathon, and your a non runner, you would start off by running short distances, and slowly but surely build up distance and time then viola! You can run a Marathon, it would be pretty silly to run it, without much prior training.

So what are my plans for this year?

My major plan this year is to go to Oz, and compete in a 24 Hour MTB Solo race.  Good eh?  Of course my micro managed goals for this are a 50km race (which I know I can do, now) a 3 day stage race (MTB) and then the 24hr.  See how my distance and times are increasing throughout the year?

I also want to build my own wheels, or should I say, learn to build them well.  There is definatly an art and a skill to doing this properly.

I want to read a small novel at least once a month.  That means cutting time down on the net, and doing something useful and cultural.  This is more impressive in the fact that I want to read it in a second language, not my mother tongue.

Speaking of secondary languages, for those of you who are planning on travelling to the UK, or have some UK friends, you may want to check on this.  It can save you, without you shaking your head, as if you know what they are saying.  Do yous cotton ed wa' ay arl bottle and glass?

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