Saturday, January 10, 2009

the inside geek of me

I have to confess that yes, I am geeky.  I think that at some point, all of us become geeky at some point, even if it's your mother loving some part of her new car.
It is time for me (well another few months anyway) that I need to change my phone. As a type of business user, one which needs to write long emails and sometimes using the µ and the ² within these emails, I tend to find that I need a keyboard.
I have an iTouch, but for my excessive smsing, twittering and emailing that I do, I find the soft keyboard something of a pain to the fingers.
My other problem is that I cycle a lot, so I want to carry a small phone, my current Palm has been through hell and back, and actually during one fall, it was actually the cause of my badly bruised, maybe broken rib.
So the 2 phones I have narrowed it down to at the moment are the Pre (pronounce Preeeee) and the LG KF900 (pronounce Prada)
Both are new, (well, won't be by the time I get to buy one) and both have rotating graphics (aka iPhone) blah blah, but they both can run multiple programms (iPhone can't) have sliding real keyboards, and offer something which Apple doesn't.  A business useable phone.
Whilst the iPhone is great, it's just not suitable for me, and the reason I use my iTouch is because in Wifi areas, I prefer to use the free download of that for my email, rather than my pay for Edge service (I am in China)
So which one would you go for?

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  1. the LG comes with an optional wrist watch which displays text messages. Could be useful when you're out riding...