Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I thought I'd try and carry on from my last post.
You know, I'm not that bright, but I do try and train my old noggin now and again. I try to hold an outlook that I could always try and fortify the old thing.
It is not always that smooth to do, and is oft painfull, a bit akin to scratching out this blog today. What I am trying to do is somewhat of various to my normal day to day posts.
I am wacky, so that I am original, and in that way, I am not. Also this post is fairly difficult to work out, but most of you, will spot that stuff is missing, I can only think of what it is?
Tomorrow is going to bring out a woman in I, tomorrow I am going shopping, how amazing is that? But it's not just normal shopping, this is what I was born to do, it is the sort of shopping that I and my companions so want to do, almost daily, almost? no, not almost, tomorrow I know, is a brilliant day :D
So, if you can't workout what is missing from todays post, I'm afraid you must wait until my following post, and I shall author what is was.

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