Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Day Back

It was the letter E that was missing, yeah I know I'm weird, but that can't be helped.
Today was my first day back on the bike, I know I've been out cycling to the Cyclo Cross, but that wasn't the same.  Well for a start today I was on my own.  Not that cycling on my own makes me a big boy, but I can go at a pace that I want, and not controlled by others.
Today, was also the first time I road my fixed gear bike.  I need to check what gear inches it is, because either it's a lot harder than what I am used to, or the fact that 6 weeks off the bike, has had a big impact.
Anyway, todays ride, in a temperature of -6c was only 40km, and took me 1 1/2 hours.  Yes it wasn't that quick, but with only a front brake, it's a little difficult to weave in and out of traffic.
I've decided to fix the rear brake back on, so that I can go faster.  Yes a rear brake will make me go faster, because I will have to confidence to stop quicker, and not just relying on back pushing on the pedals to slow down.
I have to say, I quite like using this website to log my miles and other training that I do, it's almost there, and if you train at all, check it out.  They also do Tri specific ones as well.
Tonight the wife is out Christmas partying it.  I'm not allowed to go, it's more of a thankyou for a huge group of secretarys that organise functions at the hotel.  So lots of girls.... wonder why she won't let me go, probably because I haven't shaven for a few days and look rather uncūth in my appereance :D


  1. I use bikeblogs too - its a great way to keep track of time on the track ;)

  2. Yeah, since I do a variety of riding, it shows me if I'm doing to much MTB, Road etc.. like to keep a balance :D