Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get a Life

During the Olympics, I was very lucky to live with these Guys. I've never really admired someone or persons before, but their commitment was just unbelievable.
I suppose that is what the difference is between Pros and us mere mortals.

I am weak, that's it, I have said it.

When it comes to being outside on the bike or doing sports, I am strong, very strong willed and minded, but at home, I fail, succumb to all bad things around me (although the wife is not at all bad)
This includes and is not exhaustive to beer and snacks.

Last week at the Cyclo Cross, I was given several bottles of beer. Yippeee I thought (at the time), I even did an amazing job of being a domestique, carrying 8 bottles at once in my short sleeve cycling top.
Problem now being, I have a fridge full of beer, and this is were I am weak. Snacks in the cupboard, beer in the fridge, and freshly bought DVD, just equates to one thing.

I need more miles in the saddle.

I suppose I have always had a weakness for snacks, I even remember as a child, missing out on school lunches and eating snacks instead, it's no wonder that my teeth are aweful (but I put that down to too much Gatorade, and the odd crash into trees)

Being with the Guys for 10 days in a holding camp, north of Beijing taught me a lot, but now, I have slipped back into my old evil ways, and with the multitude of parties coming along, I can either be rude, a party pooper or just except that this is the way it is.

I don't have an excuse, I am not at a level were I can command an excuse of something along the lines of
"Sorry Mate, can't drink anymore, got Worlds to prepare for" If that was the case, the answer back would be,
"FFS, that's not until next October, get a life"

So I suppose there is only one way to go about it, enjoy, take the rough with the smooth, work hard and play harder.


  1. You do not need an excuse for not drinking beer, anyone should be able to have fun regardless. People like you because of who you are, not what you drink. And best of all is that you will still be able to make safe choices, when they are stumbling on home.

  2. for sure, I think the main thing is, is that I want to improve my racing, so I have to make sacrifices.
    Thinking about getting a BMX to play on, I have no skills at all, even lifting the front wheel off the ground is a problem!