Sunday, December 14, 2008

finally made it

Yesterday I finally made it up to the local Hills.
This is monumental for me as it's been 6 weeks or so that I have been off the bike.

The foot didn't feel to bad, still had a little discomfort, but worst of all, was that in the back of my mind, I was frightened of falling.
Not actually falling, but more of the case of, if I did fall, I'd would have to make a drastic and probably aggressive manoeuvre with the foot, and probably end up striking it hard on the ground. This thought, the pain that would endure, frightened me.

So if it worries me so much, should I be cycling at all?

The weather yesterday was perfect for cycling, we had wonderful blue skies, the type of sky that entice you wrap up warm and go out, even though you know it's going to be cold.
My friends were keen and eager to go out to, although I did have to push one to come out, but she was happy that she did. Even though she did remark, on why they are called 'push bikes' :D I did my best with my brief and little knowledge behind the meaning.

The temperature was around 3c. Beijing is built on the Feng Shui 风水 (wind, water) principle, with Hills to the West, and Water to the East. The city of old was developed on this principle so therefore the wind whips through the city, keeping the air clean (before industrialisation.)

This makes winter, cold.

The temperature isn't that bad, yesterdays forecast threatened us with a low of -10c, this I can cope with, but when the wind starts to blow, that is a different kettle of fish.

I won't go out, just because I savour my lungs. The cold air rips apart my bronchial tubes with force, and leaves behind a green flem that must be outted in the typical Beijing manner.

So before the wind comes, which should be any day now, and the fact that I have been off the bike for 6 weeks, with blue skies above, and thought of Turbo Training daily in the near future, I had to escape.
To climb the hills, descend the ridge, ride to Grannies have the obligatory Instant Noodles and then descend, the best descent EVER.

This is why I had to cycle.

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