Monday, December 15, 2008

do you relax?

Well, do you?
I don't think I do.
Before we got married last year, we discussed where we wanted to go on our Honeymoon, I wanted to cycle or go along the Karakum Pass in Pakistan.  H was thinking more of a beach.

Being Chinese, getting Visas for nice places can be quite difficult, so after a bit of researching I found that Chinese people don't need a visa for Mauritius (for up to 14 days)
So that is what we did, a beach Honeymoon.  I'd do it again, just to see H's face.
Now don't get me wrong, Mauritius is a very beautiful place, and it would have been very wrong of me to leave H alone whilst I went off riding around the island, wouldn't it?
H said that I needed to relax, I replied that I was relaxing.  She said not.
So we went to the beach, laid down on the recliners and I tried to relax.
Now, I have to admit, I don't do beach holidays, there is so much more to do.
H insisted that I try to relax, she told me to lie down, close my eyes, breathe deeply and slowly and fall asleep.
This I did, then I woke up a long time after, H said it was about 3 minutes, to me, it felt like hours.
It did take me a couple of days to learn to do nothing, then I found a sailing club, so went out sailing most days on a Lazer, this and my obligatory swim for a hour around the rock and back.
So I have trouble relaxing.
Today I polled my friends, and asked them what they did for relaxing, strangely enough the answer I got most was, what is relaxing?
Good point.
Quick search later I got this; which is what I do, on a 3 hour ride, or just riding with my friends.
So today, I was stuck in the middle.  
Meaning, this morning I did a nice core session and chest, arm workout.  That brought me to around 10.30am, this afternoon I had a 30min easy recovery spin on the Turbo Trainer.
I had lunch around 11.30, as I needed to eat within 2 hours, and I was also weary of this afternoons pending ride.
So this lunch/afternoon I became frustrated, I didn't know what to do, now when this happends, I tend to eat, so this I did.  Just little munching until 3.30, as at 4.30 I was going to sit on the TT.
From 3.30 I could focus my mind on what was coming up, so from 12 ish to 3.30 I was very frustrated, and everything was bothering especially the slow internet connect, and the cat, especially the cat.
On reflection, I should have relaxed, that hard to do, R word.
wikiHow has this to say.
Now I know what the problem is, I don't have a 27.  I am trying to change this, or I could just learn to Siesta, but 27 pays better, and I always thought the answer to everything was 42.

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