Sunday, December 21, 2008

weekend ramblings

Yesterday, my mad Ozie friend and me went up to the local moungtains, average temperature was around 1c, which was quiet pleasant for the ride up.
We hammered it quite well for the weather, and only stopping once for a quick bite to eat.
It was the first time for a whie that my legs felt the strain of it all.
Today the weather has dropped, it is now -12c outside, which is okay, but the wind is just down right not fair.  It's so strong and blustery, that even walking in it, is just miserable.

So it's now a sunday afternoon, and I'm watching Far North, 

and drinking some copious amounts of red wine.

The film so far isn't bad, and if I can manage to stay coherent long enough, I'll try and report about the film later.
Ir I might just have to watch it again (without the bonus of red wine), so that I can get a true picture of the film.

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