Monday, December 22, 2008


Today was my first real session on the Turbo Trainer.  I've used them before, but not in the same way.
It hurt today, a good hurt as well, the pain that wasn't just in my mind, but was in my lungs and legs.

The hardest thing about TT is the mind set.  You are sat inside, pedalling, it is, one of the most hardest forms of torture known to man.  The problem is though, we do this by choice.
Some people can sit on it for hours, my longest time is 2 hours, then the movie is finished, along with my brain, which by then, has turned to some mush or other.

Today though, was different, in that I actually did a structured session and kept to it, and hurt.
It's a very good feeling when you have completed something like this.

I hope that this is the start of something good, outside is -12 (was today) tomorrow, it is going to be warmer (-9) and if there isn't any wind (as that adds about another -10 to it) I'm going to go and venture outside.
Even after today's success, I'm still prefer being outside.

Christmas is almost here, and it seems that everybody I know is working, so I have bought myself a wee dram of whiskey and plan to cycle to top of the local mountains, warm up my insides, and descend down.
Now don't worry, it's no more than a sip, I can't afford to be injured.
I'll take my camera, and hopefully we'll have a blue sky, freeze your butt off day, and I'll take some pics.

Hopefully, I'll speak to you before then.


  1. "I'm still prefer being outside."? That's Chinglish!!!!!

  2. typo, or that, I have been out here too long