Friday, December 19, 2008

winter wonderland

Well, not exactly Winter Wonderland, not like fellow blogger Jill, who really does live in Winter Wonderland.

Today did a nice 2 hour ride on the fixed gear, actually I've been having problems with my left crank, so I took it to my not so local bike store. Most people ha
ve a bike or one which is local to them, not me.
Mine is exactly 25.01km away from my house, involves me cycling passed Tian'an men square, China Military museum, and the Olympic Basketball, Baseball and MTB course (which is a driving centre, more about this another post)
I enjoy this ride, for one, it just means I get to ride at least 50km. Even with weather like today 3c and really, really windy, so windy, that I had to turn the volume up high on my mp3 player.
This then brings me nicely to my first ever product review.

Now I know I shouldn't ride whilst listening to music, because your riding does very to the tempo to which you are listening to.
I quite listening to the freebie downloads on itunes for spinning classes, anyway, it keeps me going, and with headwind like today, riding my fixed, turned into a spinning class anyway, you know, when you have to stand on the pedals, because the resistance is to hard, it's the only way to turn the pedals. Anyway, I digress, these headphones are designed for sport, coming from Nike, you wouldn't expect anything less than professional sport equipment, right?

I chose these earphones, as I had rather large ears (think FA cup, or wing nut for comparison), but my ear hole, seems to be small, so I have to use ear clasp earphones. Using them for a combination of both running and cycling, I can't use over the ear ones, as my helmet (whilst riding) will get in the way.

First problem, don't use white plastic products where sweat is concerned, it doesn't stay white for long, and realistically, who is going to wipe them down after a hard training session, it's good that they don't end up on the floor for an hour or so after whilst I catch my breath!

Secondly, who ever thought of having a screw joint on a headphone designed for sport use! It's so frustrating, the slightest little knock, and they come out of place, they just aren't stiff enough at all. Walking is fine, but then again, anything a dog can do, isn't a sport (football)

Thirdly, sound. Actually they aren't bad here, but I would prefer something with a little more bass noise to it, it would help drum out some of the hooting cars as they go past. Saying that, they are MP3 earphones, and MP3 sound quality isn't the best in the world.

Fourthly, plus point. I like the shorter cable it comes with, with an extension cord as well, this is good for putting your MP3 player up high, so it doesn't get knocked around, or that you cable gets twisted up in your handle bars, or arms whilst running.

Would I buy them again.
Probably not, the frustration of them being easily knocked out of alignment, position is bad enough. I am now looking for alternative options.

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