Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It is coming towards that time of the year, when the ~oholic takes over the better part of people. This maybe shop~, al~, choc~, Internet~ etc okay, now I am making it up, but you know my meaning. My wife has taken to Cranberry Breezer, now anyone who knows my wife, will find this very strange, as she doesn't drink. Period. Until now, at the moment life is stressful for us, so 1 bottle every couple of days, puts her into a deep sleep and she feels better in the morning. Now I know it's not good to use alcohol to get rid of stress, but it's not a lot, and she only drinks at home. If we go out with friends, she doesn't drink.

I have weakness for snack food, biscuits, crisps that sort of thing. I now ban them from the house, just because if it's there, I'll eat it. Which is not good for my preparations next year. I need to control and watch my weight.

January is fast approaching, and is very important for our household, not only because it's Spring Festival (major Chinese New Year) but also because I have some friends returning to Laoshan. This time I'll be a mechanic, although I have no skills apart from my ability to speak the local lingo. Can't wait.

In this country in the dismissal of beliefs in deities, commercialism is taking over. Christmas is fast approaching, and for the first time I cast my eyes on an Advent Calender. Of course, this is to help us count down the days to the Pagan festival so that we can pray for a good harvest next year.
Bowing to China's new found fondness of purchasing, I couldn't resist buying one myself. This is for 2 reasons.
1. So that I can teach my wife some of the fun things of this holiday.
2. I can have a daily dose of Choc~

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