Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Free Thing

When something is bad, and is free, is it still bad?

A local bar is providing free beer for us on Friday, because they are sort of sponsoring the Cyclo Cross race. Sort of because Trek, the main sponsors are paying the bar bill.

Rather jolly of them, one does think.

So, the local brew, is well known for giving a headache, nothing to do with the quantities that maybe consumed, honest, I do hear that it is something they put inside beer in tropical places, to stop it fermenting. Anyway, it still leaves me feeling rather like a typical English day, cloudy and dull.
Or is that age? You know the older one gets, the longer it takes to recover from a hangover, or is it, that hangovers have become like an unwanted house guest, and just doesn't know when to leave?

Anyway, so, the beer is free, and being free, makes it somewhat easier to swallow

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