Friday, April 10, 2009

hipster like

with an impending summer job on the way, one of things I had to go and do was visit the 'Art' section of Beijing.
Now me being a sporty type person, me and art don't normally see eye to eye. Though moi being the classical type of person (sporty + classical?), have a like for nice looking buildings, and I am pleased to say, that the Turner collection is coming to Beijing.

The area did not disappoint me, and as always, Beijing lived up to it's name of being nothing more than short of commercial.

This is the Nike Basketball Hall, in the Art district.

I did though come across a very nice tea house

Although I do have to say, it does look like something from the film "The Promise"

I did come across 1 piece of art.... but I'll save that for another blog... maybe...

It's going to be a hard summer...

So there was me, riding around on my fixed bike, in the Art district. I am glad no-one recognised me.

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