Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hadn't felt for a while

Today, I had one of those feelings which I hadn't felt for a very long time. A feeling of 'wow' I AM actually in a different place, experiencing a different culture, and it is very beautiful and peaceful.

Normally here in Beijing, I am greeted every few steps with the sound of someone hawking up their inner most innards to be strewn across the street. Normally at the base of my feet. For a while I've had this pent up rage against it, and even at one point even thought about creating a website, dedicated to this, most vile and gross conduct.

For a country that is steeped in History and Culture, they claim, and the fact that they invented tissue paper, what has happened, so that they can discard their 5000 year old history and culture.

Today, as I walked through part of the town that I must say, I seldom walk, I decided to try some noodles at a local place.

Wow, I'll be going back tomorrow, they were amazing, but more amazing than that, was that I was sat in a very small place, it was spotless, cool, and friendly. It was casting me back to WHY I wanted to stay here in the first place, and then over my shoulder I saw this;

So yeah, it's just the view of the Drum Tower, but it's a nice view, and even though it's across the road, the surrounding area was nice, it finally looked Chinese. Which these days, in this huge sprawl, is becoming harder and harder to find.

After shovelling down some mighty fine and cheap noodles, I proceeded with my walk, and came across this;

So, it's just the last generation playing Mazhong, but it's more than that. It was under blossom, sitting next to a clean and lovely river. No hawking, no rubbish.

It was a treasure to behold. It is something how it should be.

With the sun beating down on my back, this view made me feel warm inside, a day. Complete.

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