Monday, March 9, 2009

time for change

Life IS amazing.
Have you stood back from your life, and just have a look at what you are doing, what you have done, and maybe, where it is going?

Just stop, and think.

Almost every morning, I peruse the Guardians pages on the internet, especially the World in 24 hour pictures.
Most news is bad news, and the press certainly can hype things up. So I prefer to look at the photos, emotions can be easier, and be more truthful to read.
This morning, 2 photos brought home a little sense of reality, from being surrounded of sorts by this through to this, and as I look at my life, I know I need to make some serious, very serious changes.
My wife is more than just gorgeous, she is the pillar in our relationship, but that should be me.
She takes all the stress, and all the worry, me, I just glaze across the problems, and float through time, like a drifter on cosmic winds.
I HAVE to change, life IS amazing. Looking at what I've done, at what I've achieved. It is time for me to make amends, and let my wife have some of the fun, of which I am enjoying.

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