Monday, March 30, 2009


If you are a competitive cyclist you will know what I am about to say and mean.

Traffic Lights

There is something about them, obviously it's the green light thing, it means go, and usually go means GO!
Some people (like me) take traffic lights very seriously, especially on the final 8km back to my house. I go past an area, in which it is my last chance to beat my fastest (top) speed of the day.
Today, I had an easy 43km/hr to beat.

As I came upon the lights, they were red, so I like to hold back a bit, so that the other cyclists can start in front of me, and than fan out, leaving the way clear for me.
I had good music pumping on the MP3, lights went green, I tucked, and started sprinting, passing the other 4 lanes of cars, whizzing passed all the other cyclists, getting faster, legs pumping, body relaxed, looking ahead, Chris Hoy would have been amazed (not)....47km/hr chain comes off, bike serves violently, left foot unclips, G'nads hit the top tube... I probably look like a ballerina in mid flight having a seizure. How I re-gained control of the bike without hitting the ground, can only be testiment to my recent throw downs on the local trails.

I calmly pull over to side of the road, everyone gawping at me as they go past, put on my chain, and then set off.
It's only after a short while, that it all sinks in. Today was one of the few days that I didn't wear a helmet (what a plonker) and that 20 mins after I'm still full of adrenalin and my heart is beating fast.

Today I was lucky, and I won't go cycling without my helmet again, and I will look at my chain on why it keeps coming off at speed.