Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just a note, this post was from another blog, that I tried to write.

Are you an Addict of any sort? I think I have many addictions, everyone has addictions of some sort, what would life be like if there was non at all?
I really can't imagine it, but I am trying to.
I think that would be a bit like life with no alcohol, betting, chocolate, red meat, and anything in life in which one over indulges. Yes ladies, even shopping!
With Christmas coming soon, these addictions can get in the way of some relaxing and pleasing lifestyles.
My wife thinks that I am addicted to just being on the go all the time, she asked me this morning, when was the last time I did nothing, when I replied, what do you mean nothing, she was more precise about her reply. That being of not doing any exercise, no sport. When was the last day that I didn't attend the gym, go running or go cycling.
Even after my feeble attempt at pleeding with her, saying that a 3km jog around a park is not in anyway sport related, and THAT WAS my day off, she still wouldn't have it.
Anyway so what I am trying to say, I have no idea, I'm just rattling on as usual, ah yes, go out, enjoy yourself, keep your addiction but keep it within the boundaries of keeping everyone happy!

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