Thursday, March 12, 2009


Life IS Fantastic, in the way that it often throws up many problems, and these problems can lead to other problems, and sometimes one may feel that this is like an Archimedes Spiral, and I'm sure everyone has problems, life isn't as smooth as one would like it to be. So how do we change this?
Or can we not?
Is life just going to be one obstacle after another. Should we just not except that is what life is, so therefore just get on with it?
Do we set standards for ourselves so high, that we want more? Or just that our needs, (in which everyone is different) are sometimes not as much as they are worth.

I've just been looking at some photos of my Mums' holiday. She went to a beautiful place called Kerala and as I was flicking through the photos, I noticed how simple peoples lives were, that is simple compared to where I live. Looking around on reflection, here is also simple, and yet complicated, fast, slow, modern and 3rd world, all in one place. Where do I fit in? As I am sitting in a fast consumer place environment, drinking capitalism coffee, I am very aware that outside, people are rummaging through litter bins, so that they can get enough money to live by.
Some people admire me for my way of living, free. Yet now, I too have responsibilities, and I too have to look at my life, and alter the way in which, what takes priority.
I am completely unprepared for what my future brings, and this is nothing more than gas.
Without a definite shape or volume that are in more or less random motion.

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