Monday, January 12, 2009

woohooo they are almost here

   yeah.... they are almost here, that is the Team arrive tomorrow, I know it's only a small team, but hey, I get to be with them for a long time, and more importantly, I get to really enoy my friends with 'stories' for not weeks, or months, but quite possibly years.
Yesterday (Sunday) was the start of my Christmas Present.  Which involved doing Pilates, now, I don't know about you, but sometimes when I put extreme pressure on my stomach, I have an excess energy which needs to be dispelled, and sometimes, it can be noisy.
So last night, whilst the Good Lady was trying to watch TV, I was trying to do Pilates, I thought it was quite funny, because (and you have to imagine this) when someone was talking on the TV, I so kindly interrupted at infrequent intervals, and it made it look like a crude bleeper.
   "So as I was saying to the (parp) person, that his hairdo was really (parp) awesome" 
My blogging will become a little sparse over the next few days (as if, it isn't now) as I shall be busy, but I'll try and post some pics, and stories.
Have fun.

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