Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"In times of trouble, always look back at your best achievements" Chairman Mao.

This I think is one of the best quotes to come out this gentlemans little book.  I like it, I use it.
Today I managed to talk to one of my friends, we used to hang around together and get up to all sorts of mischief when we were like 18, so it's quite a few years ago.
He isn't often on IM so I was really pleased to catch up with him. We started reminising about the 'old' times we had together.
Most of the stories I couldn't indulge you with, it would make me laugh, but maybe you wouldn't see the funny side of it.
For example, one day I was teaching him how to drive, now, back in my hometown, where hills are hills, and learning to hill start is a must, otherwise you'd just roll down backwards.
My hometown is famous for a few things, one is the local girls school, which is private place, and expensive, very expensive.  Anyway, as we approached the traffic light in the town centre, (which is on a hill) lots of sixth formers walked pass, and being young stags in the hunting season, smiles, and looks where abound, we thought we were in for a chance, when all of a sudden, as the lights turned green.  He stalls.
This is so embarressing, the girls surrounded us, and laughed, I quietly slipped into the footwell.

See you had to be there, but for us, it was a good memory to recall.

The strange thing is, I was only thinking about him the other day, and some of the things we used to get up, it makes me smile even now.
Dread to think what my son would ever turn out like.

So lets hold on to those memories, rekindle them if you have to, have fun, play safe.

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